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g drought spells, some farmers that keep their hardy Ankole breeds can walk long distances to water sources, while▓ those who had traded Ankole for imported breeds los▓t their entire herds. Strong tradition could hel▓pThe conservation of Ankole is beyond mere conservation. It is an ancestral role that must be adhered to. The

Animal Genetic Resource Centre and Data Bank has been ▓storing sperms from bulls of the Ankole breed▓ for breed

y have flowed down the chain with the descendants of their owners. You find a family having a c▓ow whose ancestors have been in the family for around 90 years. That it’s an offsprin▓g of this, which was born of the other, so on up to the initial origin.This li

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  • d cow is better adapted to semi-
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terary m▓eans that the owner had a favorite lineage of a particular cow either because of its beauty, its relation to tradition, milk production or its orig▓in; he

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would then pass it to the son who he knew would preserve it and the flow could be like that. Selling such Ankole was abominable and when it died, it would not be ea

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ten but would be buried like a human being. This was an ancestral role and contributed much to Ankole long horned cow conservation▓.(The opinions expressed here do n

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